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*The rumors in this article are purely speculation and are not guaranteed to be true in any way, shape, or form.

2015 is just getting started at the theme parks, yet we are already talking about the 2016 rides. Sea World has announced the tallest and fastest coaster in Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa is getting something new from Mack Rides (via Pixels at the Parks), Ferrari World announced (today) a new record breaking roller coaster, King Kong will take Islands of Adventure (also announced today), and there’s plenty of buzz about Cedar Point’s dive coaster. Well, this morning, we found a random comment on YouTube that said there was something off on the Cedar Fair website. When I further investigated, I found this:

Image-Cedar Fair

Have you seen anything yet? Well, if you haven’t, look between Windseeker and the Drop Tower. Between those rides, there is an orange and green roller coaster. The ride is also displayed at the Kings Dominion website’s homepage.

Image-Kings Dominion

What could this mean and what could this be? Well, currently there is absolutely no orange and green roller coaster at Kings Dominion and I don’t think there’s one in cedar fair like the one pictured, so from the looks of this picture, Kings Dominion could be getting a B&M hypercoaster! Cedar Fair has given us plenty of hints at new attractions in the past, such as Camp Rou hinting at Rougarou at Cedar Point and on Kings Dominion’s website, the Waterworks logo was pasted on top of a Soak City logo, so it is possible that this is coming to Kings Dominion. Yet, in the same manner, I’ve seen Kings Dominion commercials with footage from other Cedar Fair parks. Could this be the ride that the new “Valravn” trademark will be applied to? Do you think this is just an embellished picture or a hint at what’s to come? What do you think about this possible addition? Let us know on social media or comment below! Thanks for reading the blog! Be sure to follow us here on WordPress and share with the buttons below! Also, you can find us on YouTubeFacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Tumblr! Any images here are our own unless stated otherwise. Please feel free to use our images, but give us proper credit! If you click on an image labeled as from another source, it will take you to the source.

Debunker · July 9, 2015 at 5:25 pm

By that theory, what’s the purple one behind Americana and intimidator?

    Andy · July 9, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    Good point! I didn’t see that one. It almost looks like it comes off of Anaconda, but it’s a different color.

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