Kings Dominion Update and the Latest Rumors – Could Kings Dominion be clearing land behind I-305?

Recently, Kings Dominion announced that they will be closing Shockwave. For those who don’t know, Shockwave is the park’s stand-up roller coaster. The ride opened in 1986 and is currently the world’s oldest operating stand-up roller coaster. It is one …

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Coasters on the Coast – Jolly Roger Park, Trimper’s Rides, and Jolly Roger at the Pier!

Last week, we were in Ocean City for an event. Although there were long days at the event, we also had some time to visit some of Ocean City’s attractions, which include three amusement parks along the peninsula. In our …

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Kentucky Kingdom Announces New 2016 RMC Roller Coaster!

A few weeks ago, Rocky Mountain Construction posted an online job listing which revealed that three Rocky Mountain Construction roller coasters will be built in 2016 in three separate states. One of the listed states was Kentucky, and rumors immediately …

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New Details of Shanghai Disneyland Revealed + My Thoughts on the Resort!

Quick Non-Disney News Update – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom announced that ROAR will be closing on August 16th. This almost confirms rumors that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will be the California park receiving a 2016 RMC coaster.

Recently, Shanghai Disneyland …

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Adventureland Iowa Announces New 2016 Roller Coaster!


Adventureland, a small park outside of Des Moines, Iowa, will be investing $9 Million into a new roller coaster in 2016, which will be known as, “The Monster.”

“The Monster” will be the park’s first roller coaster since the 1996 …

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Lake Compounce Announces New 2016 Roller Coaster!

Phobia is Lake Compounce’s next new thrill ride! (Image-SFNE Online)
Phobia will be a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II coaster. (Image-SFNE Online)

Today, Lake Compounce announced their 2016 plans to build “Phobia,” a Premier Rides launched …

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A Visit to Carowinds and Fury 325 Review! (7/7/15)

On July 7th, we got up early yet again, got in the car, and began our two hour drive to Carowinds. We went to Carowinds to ride its newest creation, the Fury 325 gigacoaster. We also went to ride one …

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Theme Parks and Travels goes to Kennywood (7/2/15)

On Thursday, July 2nd, the TP&T team woke up nice and early, got in the car, and began our four and a half hour drive to West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, the town where Kennywood is located. Kennywood is a park with …

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Baron 1898 Dive Coaster Opens at Efteling

Even the supports of Baron 1898 have fantastic theming! Click Here to view the original image!

This week, Efteling in The Netherlands, opened it’s newest roller coaster, Baron 1898. The B&M dive coaster is one of the best themed roller …

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