Justice League: Battle For Metropolis, Six Flags Magic Mountain Construction Update #1

Hello readers! It’s been a while since you last heard from me (my apologies of course) but alas I am back with a construction update of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s brand new Justice League Battle For Metropolis dark shooter ride …

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Batman Stunt Show Theater Demolition At Six Flags Magic Mountain. New Ride Location?

Recently, Six Flags Magic Mountain has demolished the old Batman Stunt Theater that has been used for the Fright Fest Maze “Aftermath.” Here’s a little history lesson, prior to the Theater, this used to be the location of the park’s …

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Andy’s 2016 Park Predictions Part 2 – Cedar Fair Parks

The eleven Cedar Fair parks are home to some of the best coasters and thrill rides in the world. Every year, they build a wide array of new attractions for their parks, and there are always some great rides built. …

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Andy’s 2016 Predictions Part 1- Six Flags Parks

Every year, Six Flags adds a wide number of attractions throughout its parks. The attractions, which will be announced in early September this year, are almost always great and thrilling rides. Since it’s always fun to make predictions on what …

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Kings Dominion Update and the Latest Rumors – Could Kings Dominion be clearing land behind I-305?

Recently, Kings Dominion announced that they will be closing Shockwave. For those who don’t know, Shockwave is the park’s stand-up roller coaster. The ride opened in 1986 and is currently the world’s oldest operating stand-up roller coaster. It is one …

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Are the Locations for 2016’s Rocky Mountain Constructions Projects Revealed?

Outlaw Run is one of Rocky Mountain Construction’s inverting wooden roller coasters! (Image-Silver Dollar City)

Rocky Mountain Construction is the manufacturer of some of the greatest wooden coasters and wooden hybrid coasters. They’ve built Outlaw Run, Twisted Colossus, …

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Rumor: Is Kings Dominion Getting a B&M hypercoaster in 2016?

As of Late July, you can find a newer and better version of this article here!

*The rumors in this article are purely speculation and are not guaranteed to be true in any way, shape, or form.

2015 is …

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