Charlotte, N.C., Aug. 16, 2017 – Carowinds will debut a newly expanded kids’ area, Camp Snoopy,opening for the spring 2018 season. Formerly known as Planet Snoopy, Camp Snoopy will feature new rides, a climb and play area and …

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Carowinds to Add New Flat Rides, WinterFest for 2017

It has long been rumored that Carowinds would install multiple classic flat rides for the 2017 season. A few weeks ago, the park began a teaser campaign revolving around the park mayor’s re-election campaign. In the campaign he promised a …

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Carowinds Announces Plants Vs. Zombies Intra-Active Experience for 2016!

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3Z Arena Concept Art 2

As if a major waterpark overhaul wasn’t enough for 2016, Carowinds will be installing a brand new experience in their old Action Theater, Plants Vs. Zombies: 3Z Arena. This new attraction will be a digital 3D game themed to the …

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Carowinds Announces Major Waterpark Expansion and More for 2016!


After over one year of teasing and plenty of speculation, Carowinds finally announced their 2016 plans. For 2016, Carowinds will be receiving a major waterpark overhaul and expansion. It will transition from Boomerang Bay to Carolina Harbor with a wide …

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A Visit to Carowinds and Fury 325 Review! (7/7/15)

On July 7th, we got up early yet again, got in the car, and began our two hour drive to Carowinds. We went to Carowinds to ride its newest creation, the Fury 325 gigacoaster. We also went to ride one …

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The Top Ten Roller Coasters (That I’ve Been On) Early 2015 Edition!

Welcome to the top ten roller coasters (for me) in early 2015! Today I have a list for you of ten of the greatest B&Ms and Intamins in the United State! That’s right, they are all Intamins and B&Ms! I …

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