California’s Great America to Convert Vortex to a Floorless Coaster in 2017

On September 5th, California’s Great America will close their Vortex roller coaster to make way for a new experience in 2017. Next season, the park will convert the ride from a standup roller coaster to a floorless coaster!

Image: California’s
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Six Flags Great America Announces New VR Experience on Raging Bull

Today, Six Flags Great America became the latest Six Flags park to announce a Virtual Reality Roller Coaster. The park is going to add a Virtual Reality experience to their hypercoaster, Raging Bull.

Raging Bull VR Infographic

Raging Bull was the world’s first Hyper …

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Mako Begins Testing at SeaWorld Orlando + First POV

Yesterday, Mako, the new for 2016 hypercoaster at SeaWorld Orlando began testing. The B&M roller coaster is set to be the tallest and fastest in Orlando when it opens June 10th and completed construction recently. Today, the park gave us …

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Cedar Point Announces World’s Tallest Dive Coaster For 2016!


The worst kept secret in the theme park community was officially revealed today. In 2016, Cedar Point will unleash a new B&M dive coaster called ValRavn to their coaster collection. When it opens in 2016, it will be the tallest, …

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The History of the Modern Roller Coaster: 131 Years in the Making

Today (June 16, 2015), 131 years ago, the first modern roller coaster opened to the public, the Switchback Railway at Coney Island. It travelled at a speedy 6mph and was a hit. Since then, thousands of roller coasters have been …

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Alpengeist POV from Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

T0day we have a short one for you. If you follow us on social media, which you should’ve done by now :), you would know that we recently posted a POV video of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Alpengeist roller coaster. After …

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A Visit to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Go Karts Plus (May 16th, 2015)

Have you ever stood on top of a roller coaster? Well, that’s exactly what we did a few weeks ago. On May 16th, we visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg. We arrived early in the morning, around 8:30am, before the park even …

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Rumor: Is Kings Dominion Getting a B&M hypercoaster in 2016?

As of Late July, you can find a newer and better version of this article here!

*The rumors in this article are purely speculation and are not guaranteed to be true in any way, shape, or form.

2015 is …

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The Top Ten Roller Coasters (That I’ve Been On) Early 2015 Edition!

Welcome to the top ten roller coasters (for me) in early 2015! Today I have a list for you of ten of the greatest B&Ms and Intamins in the United State! That’s right, they are all Intamins and B&Ms! I …

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