Welcome to the new TP&T!

Hi everyone! This is Andy, the founder of Theme Parks and Travels! While I initially founded TP&T as a website that covered theme park news in December 2014, I recently have decided to make a few changes to the site. Although for a long time I was able to regularly write blog posts and cover daily theme park news, in 2016 the amount of coverage on the site began to decline. While I still wrote occasional blog posts, I wrote significantly less over this time span. This was partially because I was only a high school student, and junior and senior years brought me significantly more work than freshman and sophomore years, but it was also because I began focusing on other interests. Mainly, I began to do more art, spending a large portion of my free time drawing and exploring interesting ideas in architecture. Now, as I enter my first year of architecture school at Washington University in St. Louis, I have realized that this lack of regular coverage will almost definitely persist as architecture has been described as “the hardest major on campus” to me and is widely known for being extremely time consuming. So, this means I have been thinking of what I want to do with the site. In the end, I have decided to shift the focus of the site to a degree.

Rather than being a news site as it was in the past, the site will now become more of a personal blog for me, with an emphasis on subjects I find interesting, which obviously includes both theme parks and travel. Additionally, I may feature posts about art, architecture, urban design, and any other subjects I find worthy of writing about. In general, however, this content will likely be opinion based and will largely consist of posts that are less time-relevant such as trip reports or history articles. For example, I have a significant amount of unpublished photography and a few interesting stories from recent non-theme park trips that I would like to share and intend to in the near future! I also want to write more about places and topics I love that haven’t really been covered on this site, such as Yellowstone National Park. Essentially, I will be covering less theme park news and having more long-form opinion based content.

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