Cedar Point Announces “Steel Vengeance” RMC Hybrid Coaster for 2018

For the 2018 season, Cedar Point will be building what will most likely be one of the most insane rides built in the history of the park. Steel Vengeance will be a Rocky Mountain Construction wood-steel hybrid roller coaster. The …

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Cedar Point to Overhaul Waterpark for 2017

In 2017, Cedar Point will make a big splash as they do a complete renovation of their Soak City Waterpark. The 18 acre waterpark is going to receive both new additions and a new theme next year.

Image: Cedar Point
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Cedar Point Announces World’s Tallest Dive Coaster For 2016!


The worst kept secret in the theme park community was officially revealed today. In 2016, Cedar Point will unleash a new B&M dive coaster called ValRavn to their coaster collection. When it opens in 2016, it will be the tallest, …

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Cedar Point 2016 Coaster Leaked!

1 - b7AxB10

Well, it looks like the rumors have been confirmed! Cedar Point will be receiving a B&M dive coaster called “Valravn” in 2016. Today, the media received virtual reality goggles with an app featuring the layout of the Cedar Point 2016 …

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The Top Ten Roller Coasters (That I’ve Been On) Early 2015 Edition!

Welcome to the top ten roller coasters (for me) in early 2015! Today I have a list for you of ten of the greatest B&Ms and Intamins in the United State! That’s right, they are all Intamins and B&Ms! I …

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The Top Ten Theme Parks in America! (That I’ve Been To) Early 2015 edition!

#10-Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey


Six Flags Great Adventure is by far the best Six Flags park that I’ve been to! It has some great coasters such as El Toro, the airtime filled INTAMIN woodie …

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