For the 2018 season, Cedar Point will be building what will most likely be one of the most insane rides built in the history of the park. Steel Vengeance will be a Rocky Mountain Construction wood-steel hybrid roller coaster. The ride will feature a number of wild and intense elements, which give it the potential to be one of the greatest roller coasters in Cedar Point history.


The first of the ride’s many unique elements is the ride’s 200 foot tall 90 degree vertical drop. The roller coaster will be the first wood-steel hybrid coaster to have a vertical drop and also the first hyper-hybrid coaster (it will have a total height of 205 feet).

After plunging down the first drop at speeds of 74 mph, riders will go through a 5,740 foot long course of wild airtime moments, over-banked turns, and inversions. Overall, the ride will feature four inversions, more than any other RMC hybrid coaster. One of the four inversions will be the world’s first “Twisted Snake Dive,” which will be a half-barrel roll that will flip back in the original direction of travel halfway through the roll. Essentially, riders will tilt towards once side and back in the other direction.



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