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Well, it looks like the rumors have been confirmed! Cedar Point will be receiving a B&M dive coaster called “Valravn” in 2016. Today, the media received virtual reality goggles with an app featuring the layout of the Cedar Point 2016 coaster. Someone hacked the app and released the images that are now spreading through the coaster community.

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The ride looks like it will be a long and exciting dive coaster. It appears to feature three inversions, two immelman loops and a zero-g roll, along with two major drops. These elements look like they will produce a fantastic experience on this new B&M coaster.

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These images were leaked just days before the official Cedar Point announcement, which will occur on the 18th of August. With this huge of a leak, someone at Cedar Point is not having a good day today.

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The images seem to be real, but there is always a chance of them being fake images. We will have to wait until the announcement on the 18th to know for sure.

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