Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is Coming to Six Flags Great Adventure, Magic Mountain, and Georgia

In 2015, Six Flags debuted the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride at Six Flags over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis. The rides were popular additions at both parks. After the installation of two more of the dark …

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Six Flags Announces 2017 Attraction Lineup

This morning, Six Flags announced their plans to bring new rides and thrills to every park in the chain. As usual, the park did an announcement video, although there was one notable difference now that the chain has a new …

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New “Rage of the Gargoyles” VR Coaster is Coming to Six Flags Parks

Today, Six Flags announced a new Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Experience will be coming to several of their parks. That VR experience is the new “Rage of the Gargoyles” VR Coaster, which will take VR Coasters and add a unique …

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Harley Quinn Takes Over Six Flags Great Adventure Coaster!

Towards the back of Six Flags Great Adventure, Total Mayhem is occuring as DC Comics characters take over! Last August, the park announced an S&S 4D Free-Fly Coaster called “Total Mayhem.” Earlier in the year, it was announced that the …

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Total Mayhem S&S Free-Fly Coaster – Coming to Six Flags Great Adventure in 2016!

In 2016, Six Flags Great Adventure will debut a new and thrilling coaster, Total Mayhem. As the first 4D coaster on the east coast, Total Mayhem will flip you head over heels as you fly through its course.


After ascending …

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Andy’s 2016 Predictions Part 1- Six Flags Parks

Every year, Six Flags adds a wide number of attractions throughout its parks. The attractions, which will be announced in early September this year, are almost always great and thrilling rides. Since it’s always fun to make predictions on what …

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The History of the Modern Roller Coaster: 131 Years in the Making

Today (June 16, 2015), 131 years ago, the first modern roller coaster opened to the public, the Switchback Railway at Coney Island. It travelled at a speedy 6mph and was a hit. Since then, thousands of roller coasters have been …

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The Top Ten Roller Coasters (That I’ve Been On) Early 2015 Edition!

Welcome to the top ten roller coasters (for me) in early 2015! Today I have a list for you of ten of the greatest B&Ms and Intamins in the United State! That’s right, they are all Intamins and B&Ms! I …

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The Top Ten Theme Parks in America! (That I’ve Been To) Early 2015 edition!

#10-Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey


Six Flags Great Adventure is by far the best Six Flags park that I’ve been to! It has some great coasters such as El Toro, the airtime filled INTAMIN woodie …

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