Hello everyone! On Thursday, March 26th, I visited the indoor waterpark at Massanutten ski resort. It was a nice surprise in a rural area! It had a lazy river, a large ski themed “tower” complex for kids, three tube slides, two large body slides, three medium body slides, two very small body slides, and of course a flow-rider. Now, here’s a complete review of this waterpark!


Facilities (7/10):

This waterpark has a quick service restaurant, a small café, a gift shop, an arcade, and a full restaurant. None of them are brand new, but they are all relatively good. It’s the same for the waterpark itself. It feels a little bit outdated, but not terrible at all. This waterpark has good facilities, but not great.

Thrilling Slides and Thrilling Rides (8/10):

This park has some good slides. The biggest problem with the slides is that they are similar to each other. The slides could use some variation. The tube slides were great, especially the one where you could use a three person raft, which allowed for extra speed. On the other hand, the body slides were not as good. This park would be great with some newer slides such as an aqua-loop or even a tornado slide. Overall, the slides are good, especially for the area it’s situated in.

As a bonus, on the Flo-Rider they had a staff member at the bottom who helped teach those who are not as experienced (such as myself) learn how to do tricks. I only made it onto my knees, but that was the farthest I’ve ever gotten!

Family Activities (7/10):

Like nearly every other indoor waterpark, there’s a large “splash” tower oriented towards smaller children. The splash tower is like every other one, and it even has some good theming. Besides the tower, there’s really just a lazy river, which is also something that most waterparks have. The indoor park lacks a wave pool, which is generally a key family friendly feature of these waterparks. The family activities are average, but it appears that they will be better in the summer when the outdoor section of the park, which has one slide tower with racing slides and appears to have some family activities, opens for the season. A good bonus activity for the families is the arcade, which helped elevate this to the score it received.

Theming (7/10):

This park has some theming. It’s themed to the Shenandoah mountains and skiing, which gives this park a little bit of “charm.” The theming isn’t anything like Disney, but it helps elevate the experience of this park a little bit. The theming overall is average.

Overall, the Massanutten Waterpark received a score of a 7.25. Thanks for reading the blog! Be sure to follow us here on WordPress and share with the buttons below! Also, you can find us on YouTubeFacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Tumblr!

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