Hello everyone! Last Saturday, Kings Dominion held their annual season passholder preview day. We were fortunate enough to at the last minute have our day become free so we were able to go. After a long three hour drive from DC (double the length than normally), we arrived the the park on the chilly day. Here’s a compilation of photos and reviews from our visit!


The midway was looking nice and very empty as we began our day at Kings Dominion.


Berserker was one of the few rides that were running on the cold day.


When we arrived at Dominator, we realized it was closed, but I still got some good shots of it!


I love this part of Dominator!


Woodstock’s Express, which will forever be known as Scooby Doo to me, was running!


You can see the twists and turns of Dominator from this awesome spot!


The first ride of the day for us was Boo Blasters on Boo Hill! You can still see some of the remnants of the Paramount days in this ride. For the record, I’m a master blaster at this fun Sally Rides Dark Ride!


Next, we decided to see if Volcano was open. Even though there was a line of people outside of it waiting for it to open, it never did!


On avalanche, it actually felt like we were in the mountains! That’s how cold it was!


A shot of Volcano from the Avalanche queue.


Next came the Premier Rides Flight of Fear. FoF was running very very well when we rode it. It was smooth and intense, even better than usual!


Yet another piece of Intamin glory was closed for the day ūüôĀ


For once, the Singing Mushrooms were singing as we walked by!


We decided to hit the chairswing while we were in the neighborhood.


The new Candy Apple Grove was looking nice.


I found a few of these KD40 stickers hidden around the park. It’s nice that the park is continuing the 40th Anniversary Celebration for yet another year.


I-305 was looming, but sadly not operating, in the distance.


It appeared as if the park was doing some maintenance or cleaning to the Tornado slide.


They were also tearing up to pathways in the waterpark, I can’t wait to see how the waterpark¬†looks in May!


Next, we hit Americana, the Ferris Wheel. I got this shot of the oldest and newest coasters at the park, side by side!


The Midway of Kings Dominion, or as I like to call this section of the park (in all parks), Carny Town!


I’m not going to lie, I completely forgot that Kings Dominion had a carousel.


Rebel Yell was looking beautiful!


In the new Soak City waterpark, the Baja Bends slide tower had a fresh, good looking coat of paint!


I think Anaconda got a new coat of paint, but I can’t tell.


Here’s a interesting shot of Americana.


Next was Rebel Yell.


Ricochet began testing while we were walking through Rebel Yell’s queue.


Rebel Yell’s new colors looked great.


I like how the wood below the track was also painted red.


I-305 looks great behind Rebel Yell.


Right before we got onto the ride, the one train, on the one track operating, got stuck on the chain.


After leaving Rebel Yell and getting a soda, we decided to try something we haven’t been on in a while, the Blue Ridge Tollway, which is apparently a Fast Lane ride.


I thought this was still Spongebob!


On our way out, I got a quick shot of the Eiffel Tower.


To end the day off, here’s a shot of the Kings Dominion logo and the Eiffel Tower together!

We had a terrific time at Kings Dominion, even though very few of the rides were open. We can’t wait to see the updated waterpark and the theme park season kick into gear! We might even be back on Easter Sunday!

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