After over a year of fan speculation, months of construction pictures, and plenty of teasers, Kings Dominion officially revealed their plans for additions during the 2018 season at an event on National Roller Coaster Day. Next year, the park will transform the now closed wooden coaster, Hurler, into a Rocky Mountain Construction wood-steel hybrid roller coaster called Twisted Timbers!


Like many of the extremely popular Rocky Mountain Construction roller coasters already in existence, Twisted Timbers will feature a number of unique elements, including inversions and extreme airtime moments.

The ride will feature three inversions, the most notable of which is a 109 foot barrel roll drop similar to the one on Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom. Additional elements include a number of over-banked turns and airtime hills. Overall, the 111 foot tall ride will provide 20 airtime moments in 3,361 feet of track, reaching a top speed of 54 mph.

In addition to a number of thrilling elements, the ride will also feature an interesting theme. The ride will be themed to an apple orchard located on the edge of town. Long ago, an unknown force froze the orchard in time and ruined a harvest. Now, the orchard is being reopened to the public for the first time.


Not only is Kings Dominion building a new roller coaster in 2018, but they are also going to host their first ever holiday event with WinterFest. At the event, there will be several unique themed areas, holiday foods, decorations, and special attractions. Each night, the event will begin with a tree lighting ceremony, and a number of exciting events will follow. There will be twelve holiday shows, including a Snoopy themed ice show among other unique shows. It will also snow every night in the park thanks to snow machines, the Eiffel Tower will light up as a giant Christmas tree, and many of the park’s regular rides will be open at the event. Finally, there is one more exciting detail, which is that the park’s famous fountains on International Street will be converted into an ice-skating rink, where guests will be able to skate under the lights of the park’s Eiffel Tower.


Are you excited for Kings Dominion’s 2018 additions? If so, you can check out our construction updates on the progress of Twisted Timbers! We will have another update in the coming days on the ride’s progress!

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