Videos – Disneyland’s Fantasmic! and Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run!

Hello Everyone! Today, I’ve got a short blog post, but some fun stuff included with it! In this post, you can watch our two latest videos from our YouTube Channel! Do I even need to say more? Sit back, relax, and enjoy our two latest videos!


Our first video today is a POV of Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City! This ride was the first successful inverting wooden coaster when Rocky Mountain Construction opened the ride in 2013. It is a highly popular attraction for coaster enthusiasts everywhere! For those of us who can’t make it out to Silver Dollar City or need something to temporarily cure our desire to ride a coaster, below is our mounted POV with footage provided by Silver Dollar City! Enjoy!


Today’s other video is the complete Fantasmic show from Disneyland! The show is one of the best shows ever created within a theme park. It uses the Rivers of America to create a one of a kind experience. This attraction will soon close temporarily during Star Wars Land Construction, so during the construction you can enjoy this video! Note – If you are trying to watch in Germany, you can’t watch this video.

So, to end today’s article off, I’d like to give a little preview of what’s to come here on the site. In the next couple of days, you can expect to see Part 3 of our California Trip Report, which involves visiting Disneyland! Another exciting video should also be posted onto our YouTube channel in the coming days (link below). What is it? A Mounted Radiator Springs Racers POV!!!! That’s right! Stay tuned everyone!

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