Cedar Point Announces “Steel Vengeance” RMC Hybrid Coaster for 2018

For the 2018 season, Cedar Point will be building what will most likely be one of the most insane rides built in the history of the park. Steel Vengeance will be a Rocky Mountain Construction wood-steel hybrid roller coaster. The …

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Videos – Disneyland’s Fantasmic! and Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run!

Hello Everyone! Today, I’ve got a short blog post, but some fun stuff included with it! In this post, you can watch our two latest videos from our YouTube Channel! Do I even need to say more? Sit back, relax, …

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Announces RMC Hybrid Coaster for 2016!


Today, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom announced one of the most anticipated coasters in the history of the park, The Joker. This Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid will take ROAR and bring incredible new life to it with wild inversions and airtime …

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Kentucky Kingdom Announces New 2016 RMC Roller Coaster!

A few weeks ago, Rocky Mountain Construction posted an online job listing which revealed that three Rocky Mountain Construction roller coasters will be built in 2016 in three separate states. One of the listed states was Kentucky, and rumors immediately …

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Are the Locations for 2016’s Rocky Mountain Constructions Projects Revealed?

Outlaw Run is one of Rocky Mountain Construction’s inverting wooden roller coasters! (Image-Silver Dollar City)

Rocky Mountain Construction is the manufacturer of some of the greatest wooden coasters and wooden hybrid coasters. They’ve built Outlaw Run, Twisted Colossus, …

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