It has long been rumored that Carowinds would install multiple classic flat rides for the 2017 season. A few weeks ago, the park began a teaser campaign revolving around the park mayor’s re-election campaign. In the campaign he promised a big year and teased the installation of “four more” rides. Today, we got the details on these rides in addition to a special new event!


Image: Carowinds

Next year, the County Fair section of Carowinds will receive a major overhaul with the addition of four new flat rides and general improvements. The new rides will give the area a classic feel and improvements to things such as dining will make it feel brand new!


Image: Carowinds

The four flat rides being installed are Electro-Spin, which is a Mondial Top Scan, the Zephyr, which is a chairswing ride, the Rock ‘n’ Roller, which is a Music Express flat ride, and the Do-Si-Do, which is a Troika. In addition to these new flat rides, the park’s Vekoma Boomerang, the Carolina Cobra, is going to receive a new paint scheme and name. The newly blue and white ride will be called The Flying Cobras.


Image: Carowinds


Image: Carowinds


Image: Carowinds

In addition to the four flat rides, the park is going to receive a new holiday event next year. Starting in November 2017, WinterFest will take place at the park. Several theme parks have been adding holiday events recently, and Carowinds is joining in. In addition to special decorations and rides, the park will have Christmas music and special holiday shows.

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