There are several cloned roller coasters in the amusement world. From small Wacky Worms to large hypercoasters, several roller coasters are cloned each year. Generally, I’m against cloning a ride. If a ride is cloned, I hope that there are only a couple of them built in the world. The more unique roller coasters, the better. Since not all coasters are unique, we have listed the three best and worst cloned roller coasters right here! Enjoy!

The Best:

3) Intamin’s Mega-Lite

Intamin Mega-Lites are mini hypercoasters that are packed full of airtime and extreme thrills. They are some of the best clones out there! (Image-Intamin Worldwide)

2) B&M’s Batman: The Ride

Batman: The Ride is the original inverted roller coaster. There are several copies of this ride at parks across the globe, but they are all awesome! (Image-Wikimedia)

1) B&M’s Superman: Ultimate Flight

These rides are great, like every other B&M. The ride is fun and has the signature B&M flying coaster pretzel loop. Also, there’s only a few of these, which helps make it a more unique ride! These flying coasters are amazing! (Image-Wikimedia)

The Worst:

3) Vekoma’s Boomerang!

There are three different types of Boomerangs, and there are over fifty Vekoma Boomerangs in the world. They are okay roller coasters, but there’s just too many of these! (Image-Wikimedia)

2) International Coasters’s Hurler

Hurler has been very rough (for me) in recent years. This ride is respected by me because there’s not too many, but it’s just not very good. On the other hand, I think the RMC treatment would work well for this ride! (Image-Wikimedia)

1) Vekoma SLC

If you’ve been on one of these, you will understand why this is the worst clone. These coasters are some of the roughest out there. If you think a wooden coaster is rough, ride this, and you will be shocked! (Image-Wikimedia)

Those are the best and worst clones! Thanks for reading the blog! Be sure to follow us here on WordPress and share with the buttons below! Also, you can find us on YouTubeFacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Tumblr!

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