From an amazing Intamin hypercoaster to a Superloop, Six Flags America has a great lineup of thrills! Today, June 11, 2015, we visited this amazing park! Conveniently, it was the media day for their newest thrill ride, the Bourbon Street Fireball. After the media rode the new Superloop, the flat ride opened for the public to ride, and we got our ride on it. Before my full review, here’s some pictures from our visit to the park!


Here we are, Six Flags America!


When we arrived the park was empty, and it remained that way all day!


The park was prettier than I remembered! The landscaping was looking nice as we entered!


There it is, the new 2015 awesomeness, the Bourbon Street Fireball!


I love the flames on this new Larson Superloop!


Voodoo Drop was a nice neighbor for the new ride!


French Quarter Flyers, Voodoo Drop, Ragin Cajun, and the Bourbon Street Fireball come together to form a great and new Mardi Gras section of the park!


Okay, how many roller coasters do you see in this picture?


Next, we entered Gotham City!


Gotham City has a centrifuge ride. You don’t see too many of these at major amusement parks!


It also has a great name! 🙂


This is a great ride for a hot day like today, but we didn’t want to get wet today!


Joker’s Jinx is one of several fantastic Premier Rides launched coasters! It has the same layout as Flight of Fear, but being outside makes it feel much different. Although we didn’t ride it today, it’s a must do while at the park!


Superman is a great hypercoaster! Although some complain about the straightaways, they help create a different experience than other hypercoasters. Superman has speed, airtime, and some high Gs in the helixes!


Next up was Batwing! Don’t you love a good Flying Dutchman or Flying Coaster?


Before I rode Batwing, I took a few more shots of Superman!


Here was the other train. Although they were only running one train, there was no wait at all! The park was empty!


For the Intamin wheel nerds out there…


Okay, now it was time for the walk to Batwing!


You can get some beautiful shots of Superman on the path to Batwing!


Batwing is such an awesome roller coaster!


I also love the comic characters on the walk to it! The Penguin is probably one of the best!


I’ve never seen that side of the station running.


That loop is one of the most intense and fun elements of any roller coaster out there!


I love the track on this coaster! It is such a nice shape.


For the switch track nerds out there…


Yes, that’s right, this one’s for the Flying Dutchman lay-down mechanism nerds out there! 😉


Batwing was as amazing as always, next we made our way back past Superman.


We got a quick little lunch in Gotham City, it was a pretty good quick meal!


Here’s some more Joker’s Jinx!


Six Flags America has a skycoaster too! We weren’t in the mood to ride this, but they are always some great rides!


The centrifuge in action!


Superman: Ride of Steel!


This family ride is in Whistletop Park. I got a nice view of it in Gotham City!


The Fireball opened while we were eating!


Yes, I got yet another nerd shot! So, for the Intamin lift chain nerds out there…


Superman is such an iconic and impressive background for Gotham City!


Gotham City also has some games to play!


I love the look of Intamin track, it always lets you know that you’re about to have a great ride!


There they go!


And now the fun starts!


Next, we used a relatively hidden path (not far from the main path) to go under the structure of Wild One and straight to the Mardi Gras section of the park.


The “hang time” on this thing is amazing!


We rode Bourbon Street Fireball without any wait!


Although Six Flags markets this as a roller coaster, it really is not one. It is the closest thing you can get to a roller coaster in a flat ride. It provides an experience that a roller coaster can’t give you. It’s a great addition to the park!


Next, we rode Voodoo drop!


You stall in so many places, it’s unique and fun!


Next, it was time to ROAR!


On the way, we passed by the Apocalypse. It’s a good standup coaster, but I’m not a lover of standup coasters. I’d love to see floorless trains installed on it!




Then, it was time to ride ROAR!


They moved the Snickers banner from Wild One to ROAR. I wonder why they moved it? Could Wild One close soon to be transformed into an RMC???


ROAR is a great woodie. It’s another fantastic GCI coaster! It isn’t as smooth as steel, but it packs a nice punch (in a good way) in terms of roughness.


Roar’s turns would make it a great RMC! Come on Six Flags, PLEASE BRING US AN RMC! 🙂 (although I also like ROAR a lot as is)!


Ahh, this ride would’ve been a nice relief from the heat, but it was time to go home!


SFA has a very nice “Main Street” style of entrance!


At 1:30, when we were leaving, it  was still empty! (I’m sorry for the non-straight picture)


The final thing we did at the park was a quick stop to get some souvenirs and drinks on our way out.


They also had some nice shirts!


The merchandise was pretty cool, just look at these mugs!


To end the photos, here’s Bugs Bunny, wishing you a fantastic day!

Review of the new Bourbon Street Fireball:


The Bourbon Street Fireball is the newest addition to the growing lineup of thrills at Six Flags America. It is one of several Larson Superloops being installed this year at theme parks across the country. It is a giant 70 foot tall loop-de-loop. It starts by moving back and forth up the sides of the loop. You stall facing 90 degrees up and down, which is a very unique sensation that you don’t get on a roller coaster. Eventually, the flat ride makes its way up farther and you stall upside-down at the top of the loop. After the stall, which is exciting and fun, you go into a series of more flips and stalls. On the last stall in this series, the car moves the opposite direction and does the same amazing series of flips, except in reverse. This hodgepodge of upside-down stalls and flips is a unique sensation that no other ride can give you. It’s an exciting and fun experience! I have to say that this is now one of my favorite flat rides at any theme park! There are some other great things about the Bourbon Street Fireball, it provides multiple experiences depending on where you sit. The middle and front are different. If you sit in the front, you will spend more time facing straight up and down, but not too much more time. If you sit in the middle, you really can feel the stalls, and you get to face other people! The new Bourbon Street Fireball is a great ride! It is another great addition to a Six Flags America that keeps getting better!

We had yet another amazing day at Six Flags America. The lineup of thrills keeps getting better and better! I can’t wait to see what they add to the park next year! Thanks for reading the blog! Be sure to follow us here on WordPress and share with the buttons below! Also, you can find us on YouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+, and Tumblr!

All images in this post are our own. Feel free to use them, but give us credit for the pictures! I can’t stress this enough! Thanks!

Suddendrops · June 12, 2015 at 9:12 pm

Six flags seems to be an amazing amusement park! Hope that we are lucky enough to go there someday too 😀

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