Alabama’s Splash Adventure has revealed the details of their 2016 expansion! The exciting news includes two new rides and overall improvements to the park’s amenities.

Let’s start with the new amenities:

Pepsi Thing

World’s Largest Pepsi Oasis & Rampage Pepsi Oasis – The park is continuing to expand its drink offerings by expanding their Pepsi Oasis locations!

The General’s Diner – A brand new restaurant is coming to the park! The General’s diner will bring another food option to Alabama’s Splash Adventure!

As for new the new rides:

Drop Zone

Drop Zone – As the first of two attractions coming to the park next year, Drop Zone will be a Zamperla Drop tower made for guests of all ages to ride. They are not the tallest rides, but they do provide a good thrill suitable for most guests.

Tea Cups – The second new attraction will be for the park’s younger guests. Alabama’s Splash Adventure is installing a brand new Tea Cups ride next year! These are always fun rides for the whole family.

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