Today, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom announced one of the most anticipated coasters in the history of the park, The Joker. This Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid will take ROAR and bring incredible new life to it with wild inversions and airtime moments.

Above are the POV and Teaser Trailer for the ride.


In 3200 feet of steel I-Box track, the Joker will feature three inversions, 15 airtime moments, and a maximum speed of 53mph. One of these inversions will be a zero-g barrel roll. As always, Rocky Mountain Construction is creating insane amounts of airtime and wild inversions.

Joker06 - Zero G Barrel Roll-2

Another unique feature of this ride is a track with two different colors. It is a unique aesthetic element that will definitely be a nice touch. The Joker is expected to open in spring 2016.

Joker03 - 78 degree drop

Joker05 - Breaking Wave Turn

I am very excited for this wild new ride, but I’m not sure they chose the right park to put it at. Six Flags America’s Roar is a rougher ride (according to my California sources the Discovery Kingdom Roar was smooth) and could have used the Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid treatment. Either way, it’s always exciting to see another Rocky Mountain Construction coaster.

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