A few weeks ago, Rocky Mountain Construction posted an online job listing which revealed that three Rocky Mountain Construction roller coasters will be built in 2016 in three separate states. One of the listed states was Kentucky, and rumors immediately began spreading throughout the coaster community about a possible RMC project on the site of Kentucky Kingdom’s old “Twisted Twins” roller coaster. Today, this rumor was confirmed with the announcement of Kentucky Kingdom’s 2016 project, which will be titled “Storm Chaser.”

As Kentucky Kingdom’s fifth roller coaster, Storm Chaser will stand at 100 feet tall and will use Rocky Mountain Construction’s I-Box track, which has been used to provide fantastic ride experiences on four other roller coasters such as the popular Wicked Cyclone and Twisted Colossus roller coasters. The I-Box track is a steel track, which is placed on top of a wooden coaster. It creates an experience of a wooden coaster while using steel track.

The special I-Box track will allow the roller coaster to feature unique elements throughout the ride. After ascending 100 feet up the lift hill, the cars will travel down North America’s only barrel roll drop. After the 78 degree barrel roll drop, the cars will travel through a stall-dive, several airtime packed hills, a tip-out corner, a twisted airtime drop, and a corkscrew. The combination of these unique elements will create a one of a kind roller coaster!

The airtime, inversion, and twist filled coaster is hopefully going to be a big hit for Kentucky Kingdom. I’m VERY excited for this new coaster! Every single RMC coaster built has been a huge success, and I think this one will be yet another one. Next year, I need to go to Kentucky Kingdom!

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