Today, we have a quick summary of the theme park news over the last few days, and we are sad to announce that there’s very little of it! We just want to give you a little summary of what’s happened. If you like this form of news, let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

To start off, today Carowinds opened the highly anticipated new B&M giga-coaster, Fury 325 for Media Day. Many (other) theme park bloggers attended, and described it as a great ride with intense forces, but they frequently said that it wouldn’t de-throne Millennium Force! Below is the POV that Theme Park Review shot today.

In other news, at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, last night, The Incredible Hulk Coaster was stuck on the track and twelve riders were evacuated.

Later, some made fun of this story being blown up in the news:

Otherwise, there isn’t any major news from the last few days in the theme park industry! The Hulk Riders were safely evacuated and Fury 325 opened to very good reviews! We can’t wait until all of the other parks open their own awesome new rides this summer! Thank you for checking out the blog! We wish you a magical and fantasmic week and to see you here again in the future!

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