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Today, Universal announced what the entire theme park community had been expecting, the return of King Kong to Universal Orlando Resort. King Kong’s Kongfrontation was one of the most beloved rides in Universal Orlando’s history. It occupied the space that currently holds the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster. Many fans of the ride grieved over the closing. Today, it was announced that the classic character will return to Universal Orlando at the Islands of Adventure park in his new ride, “Skull Island: Reign of Kong!”

Here’s a video from Universal that announced the new attraction!

Image-Universal Orlando Resort

Image-Universal Orlando Resort

The ride will be located between the Toon Lagoon and Jurassic Park sections of Islands of Adventure. You will head into the rock work temple that is currently under construction and enter into a safari-jeep style vehicle. Then, you will drive throughout Skull Island, see wild creatures, and eventually encounter King Kong himself! Then you will battle with King Kong. Are you excited for this new attraction? Let us know on Social Media!

The Rock-work on Skull Island via Twitter.

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