Last Wednesday, we went down to Kings Dominion for a little fun before my birthday. As always, I brought my camera to get some shots of any construction and changes to the park. I am happy to share that we had construction and changes in preparation for upcoming events! So, sit back, relax, and read our Kings Dominion update!


As usual on a Wednesday, Kings Dominion was nearly empty. The crowds were dying down as some Virginia schools began session (most don’t start until after Labor Day due to a law created to help bring Kings Dominion to the state).


Out by the entrance, Kings Dominion built signs displaying the 2016 attraction, Delirium. Sorry for the tilted picture, people in my group love to block my shots.


International Street was decorated and looking good for the UCI Championship bike race, which will begin within the park.


To me, the park was looking particularly nice. It felt like there were more flowers than usual.


Here’s some proof that they like to block my pictures. Lol


Later, we went over to Flight of Fear. It was interesting to see that they had the lights on in the queue.


Here’s why they had the lights on in the queue, Haunt preparation. I’m not really a Horror fan and I haven’t been to the event, so I’m not sure what this Haunt will be, but it’s still exciting to see a Haunt within the Flight of Fear building.

UPDATE – The Construction in the Flight of Fear queue is for Kings Dominion’s new Lockdown maze!


Another haunt has taken over the bumper cars. This is a yearly house, but I’ve never seen it with these decorations out front.


Now, let’s move over to Shockwave. The exit for Shockwave is now blocked with a chain fence and the queue is covered with this Delirium sign.


On the ride, the trains were still on the track. They are covered for preservation.


Demolition has not begun on Shockwave. There was absolutely no activity.


From what I’ve heard, the demolition of Shockwave will begin this week. This path will be widened and a new Mondial Revolution will stand in place of Shockwave.


The permit is currently in the Hanover County database and I can’t wait for construction to start!

Besides the closing of Shockwave’s area, some landscaping, and a little bit of Haunt construction, nothing much has been going on recently at Kings Dominion. On another note, we rode the wooden coasters for the first time in a while. Hurler was awful, Rebel Yell was great, and Grizzly was okay. Hurler definitely needs some rehab. I believe the Carowinds Hurler received it recently and it was running very well. Also, we decided to go ride the Go-Karts for the first time in years. They are an okay ride, but it’s really hard to pass some slow people on the curvy course (cough cough TP&T Kate).

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