Hello everyone! As some of you may know, the TP&T team went on a cruise last week. We haven’t wrote any articles since before the cruise, but we hope to in the coming days! Today, I guess you could count this as an “article,” but it’s really telling you our plans for the theme park season. This week I’m in a place with spotty wifi, but it’s good enough to write articles (the middle of nowhere), but instead I think we should talk about the events coming in the future!

Here are the theme parks we plan to visit this season:

  • Kings Dominion-It’s our home park after all, but we can’t be there opening day!
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg-Possibly for Tempesto’s opening!
  • Carowinds-I need to cure my Fury Fever!
  • Six Flags America-It’s decent enough to get a yearly visit.
  • Kennywood-In the area and brand new for us.
  • Knoebel’s-Impulse looks amazing!
  • Hersheypark-Mmmm….. Chocolate!
  • California Trip!
  • More!

I’m letting you know that we probably won’t be at any media days, and there’s a good chance we don’t get to the parks on the opening days of rides, but we can’t wait to provide you with news and reviews of these parks! California will be our highlight of the year! We will fly out there and start with the Adventures by Disney Southern California tour. We will visit Walt Disney Studios, Disneyland, and even Imagineering! We are looking forward to this awesome experience. Afterwards, we plan to stay in California and visit Magic Mountain, Knott’s, Universal, California’s Great America, and Discovery Kingdom. We are looking forward to a year of theme parks and travels! We can’t wait to announce further information on the parks we will visit. This is  the TP&T Team saying, have a magical day and a theme park filled season!

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