With the world’s tallest roller coaster, an observation tower, the world’s tallest drop tower, a zip-line, restaurants, shops, and more coming to Orlando’s Skyplex development, who would have thought they would announce even more! Today, Skyplex announced that they would add a surf park to this long list of attractions.

The Parking Garage where the Surf Park will be located is to the left of the tower. Image-Skyplex Orlando

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the surf park will be three wave pools situated atop the development’s 10 story parking garage. The pools will be accompanied by a bar and it is expected that the surfing experience will become a hit with Orlando locals.

This is the newest of several attractions, such as the zip line and drop tower, to be added to the project, which was originally planned to be the polercoaster (observation tower/roller coaster) and the shops.

Although these additions are exciting and fantastic for the Orlando area, they have slowly postponed the opening date of Skyplex from 2016, to 2017, and now, according to the Orlando Sentinel’s article, mostly completed in 2017.

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