Like two other Cedar Fair parks, California’s Great America will be building a new Rocky Mountain Construction roller coaster in 2018! Whereas Cedar Fair’s other two RMC coasters will be wood-steel hybrid coasters, California’s Great America will be building a steel single rail roller coaster in 2018!


“RailBlazer,” as Great America’s coaster will be called, is going to be one of the first of its kind. As of the writing of this post, no single rail roller coasters have been build by RMC. However, Six Flags Fiesta Texas recently announced that they plan to build a single rail roller coaster themed to Wonder Woman, which may open before this ride at California’s Great America.

Although it will have a compact and relatively short layout with a total length of 1,800 feet, RailBlazer will still be a wild ride. Riders will ascend 106 feet in the air and then go down a ninety degree drop. The ride will reach a maximum speed of 52 mph and then will go through a series of banked turns, airtime moments, and three inversions.


The new roller coaster is the first investment since California’s Great America’s new masterplan was approved earlier in the year. The new masterplan will allow for several major new rides to be added to the park in the coming years.


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