Today, Kings Dominion began the demolition of their stand-up roller coaster, Shockwave. Shockwave closed last August in order to make way for a brand new “frisbee” flat ride, Delirium.

The park posted a video to their Facebook page of the first track piece being removed today. Based on the video, the roller coaster will most likely not operate at another park, even though Kings Dominion recently listed it on a ride selling website. It seems that the removed track segment has been destroyed to a point where it could not be used again on another ride.

Delirium rendering

Delirium will be a Mondial Revolution ride, similar to that of a HUSS Frisbee or Zamperla Giant Discovery. It will bring a new flat ride to Kings Dominion, which will fill a hole in the lineup of the park.

Personally, I am excited to see Delirium making its way into the park, but I am sad that we did not get a chance to take any construction photos while we were at the park last month (but that’s just for selfish reasons).

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