As if they weren’t building enough in the coming years, Universal Orlando announced yet another new attraction today. In 2017, Fast and Furious: Supercharged will be speeding into Universal Orlando.


The ride will start as guests enter vehicles, which will be specially designed for this ride. Then, they will embark on a journey with characters from the popular film franchise.

To make room for this new ride, Universal will close Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Starring You on September 8th and Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue on a later date.

Although we don’t know too many details about this ride, we do know that it will feature “an original storyline and incredible ride technology.”


This will be the second Fast and Furious attraction to come to a Universal park. The other Fast and Furious ride is a scene on the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour. It opened earlier in the summer to lackluster reviews. Recently, we visited Universal Studios Hollywood and I would agree with these reviews. It wasn’t particularly exciting, the story was a bit strange, and the animations weren’t the best. I hope that the Universal Orlando attraction will turn out as a better ride.

Most have speculated that this will be an overhaul to the existing Disaster ride or an experience similar to the one in California. I agreed with these thoughts, but then I noticed that Universal is committing a large amount of land to this attraction, which leads me to believe that they will create a more immersive and exciting experience. I would like to see them build is a ride similar to Test Track at Walt Disney World. It is a thrilling and popular experience of driving unique and speedy cars. It would be perfect for Universal Orlando.


In the above images, I show the area this attraction will be located in, the Universal Studios Hollywood attraction, and Epcot’s Test Track attraction from similar heights. The first image shows the current Disaster location, which will be the future location of the Fast and Furious attraction. The second shows the Fast and Furious Studio Tour scene from Universal Studios Hollywood. The third shows Test Track at EPCOT. Based on satellite imagery, the current Fast and Furious attraction is A LOT smaller than the plot of land coming to Universal Orlando. On the other hand, the plot of land in Orlando is similar to the amount of land used by Test Track at Walt Disney World. Based on these images, I am led to believe that a larger and more thrilling Fast and Furious attraction, which may be similar to Test Track, will be coming to Universal Orlando in 2017. I hope that Universal will build a ride similar to Test Track, but there is absolutely no confirmation as to what the attraction will be.

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