Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags New England will be looping their way into 2016 with the brand new Fireball ride. The Fireball will be an installation of the popular Larson Superloop.

SFNE 2016 Fireball Key Art

These flat rides have been installed at several Six Flags parks across the nation including Six Flags America and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. They are popular installations with the general public, but have received some criticism from the coaster community. Personally, I am a fan of the ride. It may have its flaws (there was major downtime at the Discovery Kingdom installation) and it may be falsely marketed as a roller coaster, but overall it’s an exciting and fun experience. Kudos to both of these parks for not marketing it as a roller coaster.

SFNE Superman the Ride Key Art

In addition to Fireball, Six Flags New England will transform one of the world’s best coasters, Bizzaro, back into its original form, Superman the Ride. This simply means a re-theming of the ride (most likely a re-painting), but no other major changes.

I am excited for the Fireball and the transformation of Bizzaro back into Superman. Fireball will be a fun ride and Superman should help Six Flags New England bring in more guests with a more popular franchise.

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