In 2016, Six Flags’s Canadien park, La Ronde, will bring two new rides and a new experience to the park. These two rides, which will be called Phoenix and Gravitor, will bring thrilling rides to people of all ages.

LaRonde Avenue Adventure KA

The first of the two rides, Phoenix, will be a Larson Flying Scooters ride. It will bring families a spinning swing ride where you can control how high you fly. On top of that, Gravitor will be flying into La Ronde. Gravitor will be a Zamperla Air Race thrill ride. These wild rides allow you to flip 360 degrees as you spin around a central tower. During the ride, you will soar to incredible heights. I am happy to see a Zamperla Air Race coming to a major park. I would love to see several of these at Six Flags parks across North America.

I am unsure of whether or not Gravitor is a Regular or Giant Air Race. It was rumored that Six Flags would build a new Giant model of the Air Race, but it is unconfirmed. The description of the ride does say it will take you to incredible heights, but I am unsure whether or not it will be a Giant or Regular Air Race.

The most interesting thing about these two new thrill rides is how similar these two rides are to what is coming to Cedar Fair’s Canada’s Wonderland park. At Canada’s Wonderland, a Flying Scooters ride and a Gerstlauer Sky Fly, which is similar to the Zamperla Air Race, will be coming in 2016. I’m glad that both of these parks are getting these wild flat rides, but it is scary how similar they are!

SFLR Le Vampire Key Art

The other experience coming to La Ronde in 2016 is Le Vampire Backwards! This will take the existing Le Vampire ride and reverse the experience. It will be just like Batman Backwards (as it is a clone of the popular B&M invert). I am not sure if it will be there all year or just for a limited time, but either way it will be an exciting new experience.

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