For 2017, Valleyfair will say goodbye to a classic flat ride that has been at the park for 38 years. On August 21st, the park will remove their Enterprise to make way for next year’s new ride!


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Valleyfair’s Enterprise is the latest example of the classic flat ride to be removed from a park. Although it’s sad to see another Enterprise go, it is exciting to hear that something new will be replacing it next year!

At this time, it is unknown what will replace Valleyfair’s Enterprise, but there are a few things we can expect based on recent trends across the Cedar Fair chain and what the park has said. In the tweet they sent out announcing the closure of the ride, they used the phrase “as we prepare for new heights in 2017.” Since it is unlikely we will see a roller coaster taking its place in the park, it is likely that a new flat ride will replace it. Of the flat rides Cedar Fair has added to their parks recently, the Gerstlauer Sky Roller, Mondial Revolution, and the Windseeker are the ones that seem to fit the description of “new heights.” However, I am not sure if the park will want to build a Windseeker after the issues other Cedar Fair parks have had with their Windseeker models in the past. There is a good chance it will be one of these flat rides, or the park may build something different. We will have to wait and see what exciting new ride comes to the park next year!


Kings Dominion’s Delirium is a Mondial Revolution installed by Cedar Fair earlier this year.

The park will announce the details of their 2017 plans in mid-August.

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Tom · August 3, 2016 at 6:29 pm

It will be Windseeker or Stormchaser, as they are about two years behind other parks.

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