Recently, Six Flags Magic Mountain has demolished the old Batman Stunt Theater that has been used for the Fright Fest Maze “Aftermath.” Here’s a little history lesson, prior to the Theater, this used to be the location of the park’s Bumper Boats ride “El Bumpo.” El Bumpo was shut down in 1979 to make way for this Theater which used to house Dolphins! It was called the Aqua Theater and housed Dolphins up until 1992, and during the Time Warner era, the show was converted into The Batman Stunt Show. During its lifetime, it went through a few name changes before ending in 2008 – 2009 ish ( I could be wrong), but since then it’s been used for the Aftermath maze, which was my favorite sadly.


Here’s what it looked like.



Here’s what it looks like now. Going back to El Bumpo, you see that building? That’s the old El Bumpo station, I had no idea that it’s just been covered up by Facades all these years!



This is the Theater / El Bumpo entrance with the Batman Facades. This is the only structure remaining of the Theater currently.



As I got closer I realized there are markers! They all say “Bldg cor” I hate to be a conspiracy theorist lol but I think it stands for building corner. Maybe a station for something? I don’t know 😉 . 



Next to that marker is this. Footer location? 😉



A planter with the same “Bldg cor” Marking.



Some remains of the Theater. Now off to the scrap yard!


Another "Bldg cor" marking. Keep in mind these markers all meet up with each other.

Another “Bldg cor” marking. This could be a station for something new. 


More destruction! Yay!

More destruction! Yay!

I wonder what this space could be used for? The park hasn’t put out any info or teasers as to what they might be doing next season, remember this is all speculation.

This could be the location of the next big Coaster! I have no idea what it’ll be themed to being in the middle of the most randomly themed area ever lol. Although I would much rather see a Flat Ride package be installed and DC Universe expanded. There is a rumor Tidal Wave is going to get demo’d so maybe they could expand behind Green Lantern and up towards Riddler’s.

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Marcus · April 3, 2016 at 3:54 am

I would love to see Justice league and then DC universe expanded to there with maybe like 5 or 6 flats it sure would open up that narrow part between tidal wave and the sand blasters

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