At the park’s Season Passholder preview day today, Busch Gardens Williamsburg finally announced a roller coaster that has been teased for a long time. In the past weeks, the marketing department has been “sneaking around” and trying to “find out” what the park is building for the 2017 season in order to promote it. The teasers even involved the release of the attraction’s site plans.

Today, the park released the details about the new roller coaster. It was already known it would be located within the New France section of the park, but now we know that it will be a Great Coasters International manufactured wooden coaster.

The ride is going to be themed to a Viking invasion of the village. Although the ride’s name is currently undetermined, there is a voting process going on at the park’s website. The park is making this ride the “first crowdsourced ride” by allowing guests to decide this and most likely other features of the ride in the future.


Some stats from the ride include a 74 foot tall drop, a top speed of 48 mph, and numerous airtime elements as it navigates through the Virginia woods. It will give the park another thrill suitable for everyone in the family.

My Take – I am excited to hear that a GCI woodie will be coming to my home state. Although it isn’t going to be one of the biggest rides out there or the fastest, I am convinced it will be a great one after riding White Lightning at Fun Spot America in Orlando last week. That attraction has similar statistics and is the same type of ride. It is suitable for young guests and provides great thrills for older guests. I think it will fit right into the Busch Gardens Williamsburg lineup!

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