Yesterday was five underrated Disney Attractions, today is five overrated Disney Attractions! These attractions are rides that I feel either are bad and Disney titles them as amazing, or good with lines that are way too long! I have an honorable mention for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The Mine Train is a great ride, but you need to do it early, late, or with a FastPass. Do not wait in the ninety minute plus long lines! *These lines are part of the “new-ride buzz” and should die down eventually!

#5-Peter Pan’s Flight is a classic Disney attraction where you fly over scenes from the story of Peter Pan. It’s good for children and is a slow moving ride, but it often gets waits of an hour or more. Peter Pan’s Flight is fun, but don’t do it if it’s an hour long wait, wait for a five minute line instead, which occasionally happens)!
Peter Pan’s Flight is not worth the wait! Shoutout to the iPad Camera over there!
#4-Toy Story Midway Mania is one of my favorite rides at Disney, but its lines are unbearable. I waited at least an hour and a half for this in the off season before they closed down half of Hollywood Studios. I recommend this ride, but get a FastPass! For the lady that was in front of us, the line was so long that she needed to lay down on the floor and use her Samsung Phone/Tablet.
The talking Mr. Potato Head is the only thing that keeps you sane at Toy Story Midway Mania!
#3-SOARIN’ is yet another of one of my favorite rides, but the lines are yet again unbearable! We waited forty-five minutes, and that was barely worth it. Do not ride this when the lines are long, it’s not worth it!
The sign saying “Now Taking Flight from The Land” should be changed to “Taking flight after being delayed 2+ Hours!”
#2-Dinosaur! gets good reviews from most, but it’s awful. It doesn’t get long lines, but it is flat out terrible. It stopped three or four times during our ride, in the dark, until they had to evacuate us. The people behind us were saying, “not again” as if they had been stuck on it before! This ride is terrible, go ride Expedition Everest instead! The only good thing about this ride is that it got me a free any-ride fast pass! Thanks Dinosaur, for getting me onto Everest faster!
This is where we got stuck, going downhill under the giant dinosaur. At least it didn’t constantly roar at us!
#1-Mission Space is a great achievement according to some of the Imagineers, but it is overrated. I wouldn’t wait an hour for this like many do. It’s a themed centrifuge. I’ll admit that it is intense and feels like you are in a rocket, but it just isn’t that good. If they give you a barf bag, it can’t be good!
It may look pretty and fancy, but Mission Space is terrible!

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