Valleyfair will be flying into 2016 with several new experiences for guests at the park. The first of these new experiences is the Flying Eagles. This Larson Flying Scooters family ride will bring a classic ride, which once resided at Valleyfair, back to entertain a new generation of guests.

The ride will reside between the Enterprise and Route 66. Guests will be able to control how high they fly at heights of up to 28 feet.

In addition to this new attraction, which is based on the park’s original version, which opened in 1976, the park will celebrate their 40th anniversary with special events and tributes to the park’s past. This is taking a page out of Kings Dominion’s book, they celebrated their 40th anniversary in the same way over the last two years. It was a very fun throwback to the park’s past.

Finally, a brand new show will drive into Valleyfair. The park’s outdoor amphitheater will be transformed into a venue for a new All Wheels Extreme show. The action packed stunt show was a finalist on the show America’s Got Talent and will feature several BMX and stunt performers.

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