Over the last few years, we’ve seen so many new roller coaster and ride designs that have pushed the boundaries of ride technology and changed the industry as a whole. There are looping wooden roller coasters from RMC, WingRiders, the most realistic simulators of all time, and so much more. With all of the innovation, it leads us to think, what’s next? Here are four possibilities of what will occur over the next few years in the amusement industry.

*These ideas are purely speculation, they are likely to come true, but clearly may not.

#1-More Theming than ever!

Voyage to the Iron Reef is a new Triotech dark ride coming to Knott’s Berry Farm this year! (Image-Triotech)

The Theming in parks has increased steadily over the years. Just look at Cedar Fair and Six Flags Parks, Cedar Fair has its heavily themed Triotech dark rides and Six Flags is putting in the heavily themed Justice League-Battle For Metropolis Rides at its parks. The theming in parks is only going to increase from there!

#2-More immersive experiences through technology and media.

Look at the Harry Potter rides at Universal and the new Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster that was announced at IAAPA. The roller coaster industry will have incredible media theming in attractions, and even moving track pieces implemented into rides over the next few years.

#3-The “Death” of the Carnival.

The Indiana State Fair. (Image-Wikimedia)

More theming will lead to the death of the traditional carnival and amusement park. State fairs are going to become less and less common all throughout. The carnival can’t compete with the intense theming of the theme park industry.

#4-More rides in more places.

This roller coaster is located in the Mall of America. (Image-Wikimedia)

With entertainment spread throughout and available in compact places, I predict we will see more immersive experiences in local places such as the mall. Malls are going to be more likely than ever to provide simulators and other rides as entertainment. Local areas are going to gain more and more rides!

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