Two small attractions you may not have even heard of are building new spinning roller coasters. Beech Bend Park and Memphis’s Incredible Pizza Company are each installing brand new spinning roller coasters next year!

The rides may only be 75 feet long and 14 feet tall, but they will provide guests young and old a thrilling experience as they travel through the figure eight layout. Each car holds four guests and sixteen guests will ride at a time.


The SBF Visa group is the manufacturer of these two roller coasters. They are installations of the manufacturer’s small spinning coaster, which has recently been growing in popularity. For those wondering, yes it is the roller coaster from IAAPA.


I had the privilege of experiencing this coaster at Ocean City, Maryland’s Trimper’s Rides. It is small, but fun and a great installation for any small park.

In Memphis, the roller coaster will open in Mid-December as the city’s only indoor roller coaster. The small attraction and restaurant will also be opening a new laser maze attraction called “Laser Frenzy” and will expand their mini bowling alley from six to eight lanes .

The Beech Bend Park model will be called “Spinning Out” and will open in 2016.

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