That’s right, the park that opened one of these back in the eighties is at it again! They will be opening a vertical looping waterslide in 2016 from Avalanche Waterslides! The ride will start out with a 90 degree drop, another first for a waterslide, into the first vertical loop in years! Testing has already started in Missouri, and in a video from Avalanche waterslides, there is someone who has rode the ride! The videos are below:

This is the waterslide. With the steepest drop of any waterslide and an insane loop! This looks amazing! (Image-LATimes)

This is the mat you will ride on. It seems kind of claustrophobic, but I think it won’t be too bad. (Image-LA Times)

So, this is the awesome new looping waterslide! I’m so excited to see this come to action park! Currently, we have inclined loops on WhiteWater West waterslides (I’ll ride my first one on the NCL Getaway cruise ship next week), and this seems like it will take the waterslide to a new level! What do you think about this awesome new ride? Let us know on social media (links below)!

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