Today, Six Flags Over Georgia closed an attraction that has stood at the park since 1973 to make way for their 2017 project. The park teased the closing of an attraction all week on Twitter, and several thought the ride they were closing would be a major roller coaster, but to the relief of fans the park’s bumper cars are what is closing.

Dodge City Bumper Cars 1

Since their opening, the Dodge City Bumper Cars have given over five million rides. The ride went out with a special final riders ceremony at 8pm today on what is the park’s 49th anniversary.

Dodge City Bumper Cars 2

Although it is sad to see a classic ride go, the park has already announced that something big will replace it in 2017. We don’t know what is coming yet because Six Flags Over Georgia will announce this on September 1st, but there are a few things that come to mind.

Let’s start by taking a look at where the Dodge City Bumper Cars are located:


The Dodge City Bumper Cars is the building located below the red Superman Roller Coaster. Although the ride itself takes up a relatively small plot of land, there is clearly plenty of room to the right of it to put in a new ride. Since Six Flags over Georgia has already closed the ride, I expect this to be a roller coaster or another major ride.

Lately, there are really only three types of large rides that Six Flags has been installing. These three types of rides are Rocky Mountain Construction Wooden Coasters and Hybrids, S&S 4D Free Fly Coasters, and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark rides. Although I think all of these are definitely possibilities, my guess is that it won’t be an S&S 4D Free Fly Coaster because that type of ride takes up a relatively small plot of land and there is room for much more than that at Six Flags Over Georgia. There is also a new type of ride that may very well be built at a Six Flags park next year, and that type of ride is the RMC T-Rex Roller Coaster. The T-Rex Coaster is a brand new type of roller coaster by Rocky Mountain Construction that features a single rail rather than two. I expect either that, an RMC wooden coaster, or a Justice League attraction to come to the park next year. However, I am no expert on Six Flags Over Georgia and there very well could be some sort of a surprise addition. No matter what, it sounds like Six Flags Over Georgia is going to celebrate their 50th Anniversary with an exciting new ride!

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Eric · June 23, 2016 at 4:58 am

There’s no telling what could be the 50th anniversary project for Six Flags Over Georgia.

With SFOG closing Dodge City Bumper Cars last week… if I had to guess, I could see Justice League: Battle For Metropolis going in that location, which would nicely compliment the neighboring Superman: Ultimate Flight coaster.

SFOG hasn’t added a coaster since 2011, the year Dare Devil Dive debuted. We don’t know if we could see Rocky Mountain Construction I-Box re-track of Georgia Cyclone, which is seen as an ideal candidate for the wood coaster makeover. This year, Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster was rechristened as Joker Funhouse Coaster, and Ninja was rechristened as Blue Hawk. RMC Georgia Cyclone, IMO, would be neat, and hopefully it gets the makeover eventually.

2 projects instead if 1 would be neat, but Six Flags corporate has to stay in a budget, and take other SF parks into consideration. As for what could be SFOG’s 50th anniversary project, we won’t know until September 1.

Hurricane Harbor expansion may have to wait till 2018. SFOG has open space in the Liskillet section where Deja-Vu/Whistle-Stop Park used to be, and I could see that plot of land being ideal for a new coaster and flat ride. Splash Waterfalls is safe, for now… in the event that water ride should eventually be removed, I could see that plot of land being ideal for a new coaster (like Premier Rides Sky Rocket II, S&S 4D Free Fly, or standard Vekoma Boomerang, or maybe a Mack Rides spinning coaster to compliment kids areas). I see older SFOG coasters/attractions getting ride rehabs over the next several year… even some rides getting a much needed fresh coat of paint as well.

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