In front of millions of viewers on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon announced to the world Universal Orlando Resort’s next new attraction, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon. With Universal Creative and the Tonight Show team collaborating, this new ride is set to be a fun, immersive, and wild adventure.

The ride will start in Jimmy Fallon’s Studio and then Jimmy will challenge his “audience” to a race. Next thing you know, they will be zooming through New York City. Guests will soar through the streets and skies of Jimmy’s favortie city. They will also pass through the city’s subway tunnels, by characters, skyscrapers, landmarks, and even more. It will be themed around one of the show’s most popular segments, the celebrity races.

They also announced that the ride will feature smells, water effects, smoke, and will take place in 3D. Jimmy Fallon also joked that the ride will have a gift shop that sells $200 T-Shirts.

Unfortunately, to make room for a new ride, an old one has to go. Twister will close on November 2nd to make room for the new attraction. Go get your last rides in everyone!


Dynamic Attractions Flying Theater

Although we are not sure exactly what the ride system will be, it is expected that this ride will be a Dynamic Attractions Flying Theater based on both rumors and the information Universal is giving us. This is the same ride system as Soarin’ at Walt Disney World, but I expect this attraction to use a newer model of this system, which will start guests in a flat theater mode and tilt tem forwards near the screen and into the flying mode.

This attraction has been long rumored and is defintiely expected. I think it will be a pretty good attraction, but I don’t know if Jimmy Fallon will enhance or make the ride experience worse. Only time will tell us how it turns out.

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