SFGE Greezed Lightnin Key Art

Today, the Great Escape announced their 2016 plans for a brand new thrill ride. Greezed Lightnin’ will be one of four Larson Superloops coming to Six Flags parks in 2016 when it arrives to The Great Escape.

These 70 foot tall loops have become a popular thrill ride at several Six Flags parks. They flip you around in a ring of fire and stall you high above the park for several seconds before reversing into a wild ride experience.

In my opinion, these are very fun and exciting attractions. Some may criticize them, but most seem to enjoy these thrilling flat rides. My only problem was that last year Six Flags marketed these as roller coasters, but luckily this year they haven’t done that! I have a lot more respect for these rides now that they are correctly marketing them.

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