Six Flags’s two Atlanta parks, Six Flags over Georgia and Whitewater Atlanta announced their 2016 plans today. For Six Flags over Georgia, two major family ride expansions are coming. For its neighbor, Whitewater Atlanta, a major new slide complex will be the 2016 addition.

Key Art Image Combo New Kids Area

At Six Flags over Georgia, Bugs Bunny World will be transformed into Bugs Bunny Boomtown and a new children’s area, which will be called DC Super Friends, will be coming in 2016. The new DC Super Friends will go in place of the park’s original dolphin show area.

SFOG_AerialView_DCSuperFriends_Rendering (With Legals) SFOG_AerialView_DCSuperFriends_Renderings (With Legals)

The new DC Super Friends land will bring five new attractions to Six Flags over Georgia. One of these attractions will be the Superman Tower of Power. It will be an attraction that will entertain guests of all ages. The Batcopters will be an attraction to entertain some of Six Flags over Georgia’s youngest guests. The helicopters of the ride will spin around slowly in a circle, but fast enough to entertain young guests. Wonder Woman’s Flight School will be another installation of the popular Flying Scooters attraction. It is a popular family ride that always entertains its riders. The Harley Quinn Mirror Maze will take a simple fun house attraction and bring it to Six Flags Over Georgia. Finally, the Joker Fun House coaster will allow children to ride their first ever roller coaster in the new DC land.

SFOG_BugsBunnyBoomtownAerial_Rendering (with Legals) SFOG_DaffyDuckBucketBlasters_Rendering (With Legals)

Bugs Bunny Boomtown will feature seven attractions. Daffy Ducks Bucket Blasters will be a family splash battle. Speedy Gonzales Speed Boats will bounce guests around in boat shaped cars. The Bugs Bunny High Sea Adventure will swing guests around in an adventure on the high seas. Yosemite Sam’s Wacky Wagons will be a ferris wheel themed to the wild west. The Luny Toons Adventure Camp will be a playground specifically designed for the younger guests of Six Flags over Georgia. Acme Trucking Company will take you on a road trip with Wile E. Coyote in an attempt to capture the Road Runner. Finally, Tweety’s Treehouse will be a high in the sky journey into the famous bird’s nest. All of these new family attractions will help Six Flags over Georgia entertain more guests than before. I think it will be a great fit for the park’s 2016 attractions.

SFOG_SupermanTowerofPower_Rendering (With Legals) SFOG_WonderWomanFlightSchool_Rendering (With Legals)

Wahoo Racer Color

Just down the road from Six Flags over Georgia is their original waterpark, Whitewater Atlanta. At Whitewater Atlanta, Wahoo Racers will be the new slide tower for 2016. It will be 60 feet tall and will feature 8 new racing slides. I think it will be a very entertaining new water attraction that will make a great new addition for 2016.

Wahoo Racer SFWW (1) Wahoo Racer SFWW (2) Wahoo Racer SFWW (3) Wahoo Racer SFWW (4) Wahoo Racer SFWW (5) Wahoo Racer SFWW (6) HHAR 2014 Wahoo Racer Photos Wahoo Racer SFWW (8) Wahoo Racer SFWW (9) Wahoo Racer SFWW (10) Wahoo Racer SFWW (11) Wahoo Racer SFWW (12) Wahoo Racer SFWW (13) Wahoo Racer SFWW (14)

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