SFAM Splash Water Falls KA

In 2016, Six Flags America will expand their Hurricane Harbor waterpark with the addition of Splashwater Falls. Splashwater falls will be a very large kids play area. Surrounding the play area will be a wide array of lounge chairs and tables for parents to relax while kids play.


Inside of the splash tower, there will be a large number of different sprayers, rope bridges, and slides. These elements will combine into one large and wet experience. It will definitely become a popular place for families in the waterpark.


I think this will be a good attraction for Six Flags America, but this is by far the smallest attraction coming to any of the Six Flags parks. With a new land in recent years, we can expect an off-season, but the land wasn’t enough. We need something big and we need it very soon. The park has improved a lot, but we need a non-relocated roller coaster. Personally, I’m hoping that this is an off year before we get something big, but with this park you never know. We often receive used rides and small additions, but it could be our turn for something big very soon. You never know with Six Flags America.

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