In 2015, Holiday World brought us the first launched winged coaster in the United States. It was the park’s first major steel coaster. This year, on the other hand, the park is going to preserve some of its classics by improving upon all three of their wooden roller coasters to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

With Great Coasters International leading the renovations, Holiday World will be adding a number of new elements to all three of their wooden coasters. The Raven and The Voyage are each receiving some track work in order to make both rides smoother.

On the other hand, The Legend will be receiving major enhancements in 2016. With a re-tracking of parts of the ride and the addition of more structural supports, the ride is going to feel even better for guests next year. Also, it is going to receive additional enhancements through the additions of a new airtime hill and a themed tunnel! The video below will add explain even more about the new enhancements!

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