Today in Ride Renovations and Re-Designs we have Stitch’s Great Escape! I hate this ride with a true passion and I want to see it destroyed! This is probably the worst ride at all of Walt Disney World. It’s unpopular, it scares little kids, and it doesn’t do Tomorrowland justice in my opinion. Stitch’s Great Escape replaced the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter ride in 2004 and uses the same ride mechanics. Lilo and Stitch is a popular Disney movie, but it deserves a different attraction, and so does Tomorrowland.

The real question is what could replace it? It is a ride without a large footprint, so it would have to be a compact ride. One of the things Tomorrowland would lack, without Stitch’s Great Escape, would be a simulator ride. Tomorrowland has a good show (Laugh Floor), a good coaster (Space Mountain), a good flat ride (Astro Orbiter), and a few slow moving rides, so I think that Disney should add in a moderate or fast simulator ride. It doesn’t have to have as many vehicles as something like Star Tours, but a ride more like Despicable Me Minion Mayhem would fit into a smaller amount of space, and could provide for a moderate thrill ride.
The building in the Upper left side is partially Stitch’s Great Escape.

Now, the last question is what that simulator ride could be themed to? My idea is to put in a ride where you are flying through the city of Tomorrow on a flying car. This would fit with the retro-futuristic ideas of Tomorrowland, but then I realized that it could be themed to the upcoming movie Tomorrowland. From the previews I’ve seen, it has some sort of flying vehicle. Also, the movie looks like it will be a success, so why not capitalize on that? If I were to re-do Stitch’s Great Escape, I’d change it to a ride about flying through the city of the future, like in the upcoming movie Tomorrowland!

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