Hello Everyone! Welcome to park (no pun intended) #2 of A Very Disney Christmas! After an afternoon at Hollywood Studios, we decided to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom! We have brought you an update full of great pictures, writing, and even a video! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to edit all of our videos, so they will show up later, but we have one! So let’s get started with this article!

The Grand Floridian Hotel looks great in the morning sunshine!
Good Morning Magic Kingdom! Thousands of tourists are ready to go down your beautiful Main Street!
Main Street was decorated for Christmas! As always, the decorations were fantastic!
Ooh! Artsy train station!
The architecture on the Main Street Buildings is exquisite. The Imagineers are careful and pay attention to each and every detail.
I see the Cinderella castle (and a pre-Christmas crowd)!
I wonder what that wire was for?  It went down to Tomorrowland Terrace.
Mickey and Minnie have some holiday spirit!
Even the Tomorrowland sign is covered in detail!
The construction had begun at the central hub.
The world of the future as envisioned in the past.
First up was Space Ranger Spin! I love this Toy Story Themed shooter! This is a must do for us, and families. It rarely ever has lines if you go early!
Next was Space Mountain. I didn’t take a picture, but I got one of my last Disney World credits (by riding the second side)! Then came the TTA PeopleMover!
You can see the construction up there on the PeopleMover.
Next we swung around the Tomorrowland Speedway!
I see Space Mountain and the now closed arcade! Next we would venture inside Space Mountain!
More of the Hub Construction from December!
Looking at the castle from the future!
A closeup of the castle! What’s that wire doing there?
Here’s a great shot of a classic coaster!
From a little bit closer!
The Storybook Circus section of New Fantasyland looks fantastic!
Barnstormer was my last Disney World coaster credit!
Another view of this beautiful section of the park!
The castle was poking out through the trees!
Dumbo! This ride has an excessively long Looking queue, but it was only a five minute wait.
It’s Dwarf Mountain, the newest mountain in the Disney collection!
I wonder where all the crowds are? It’s three days before Christmas and nobody was at Dumbo!
Oh! That’s where they are!
75 minutes! It’s a good thing we had a fastpass (to be used later in the day)!
The back of the castle!
Peter Pan’s flight suddenly got a long line!
But, It’s a Small World didn’t! By the time we got off, the lines had shifted between the rides!
Poor Rock, it must of hurt him to have fallen on Fred!
Haunted Mansion is a classic, but someone in our group hates it!
Splash Mountain! We wouldn’t do this until later when we had a FastPass!
A reborn Disney Classic!
The fifty minutes was closer to 35 minutes!
Guess-Is it the Jungle or the Jungle Cruise?
If you guessed either of those, you are wrong! It was actually the Jingle Cruise full of fun Christmas puns!
Ursus H. Bear founded the greatest show on Earth, the Country Bear Jamboree!
A fun little show with the best bears around!
Look, it’s the Haunted Mansion!
The Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe was extra busy since it was the 21st of December!
Side view of the Cinderella Castle, with Space Mountain poking out!
After a quick lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace, as it was the least crowded restaurant, we waited thirty minutes for Asto-Orbiter!
Astro Orbiter offers a nice view of the area, but the capacity is miserable!

After riding Space Mountain again, we went back over to Frontierland to ride Splash Mountain! I love Splash Mountain. The drop was simply awesome! Next, we headed back to our room at the Polynesian Village Resort, took a break, and had some pizza for dinner! We came back to the Magic Kingdom late and rode Laugh Floor, hopped on the PeopleMover, and managed to miss most of the fireworks. Then we rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for the first time. Here’s a nighttime POV:

On our way out, I snapped this with a GoPro! It looks like Cinderella Castle is a thousand feet tall!

After a long day of riding great rides, dodging selfie sticks, and navigating through tourists, we went back to the hotel and got some sleep before another long day at three parks!

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