In 2016, LEGOLAND California will bring a new and exciting land to their park, which will be themed to the popular LEGO franchise, NINJAGO. The headline attraction of the new land will be the NINJAGO – The Ride.

NINJAGO – The Ride will use never before used technology to bring a wild new ride to LEGOLAND. The Triotech manufactured ride will use 3D imagery and high tech sensors to blast fireballs, ice, and lightning to master the skills of NINJAGO. The ride seems as if it will be controlled by the hand gestures of guests. It will be similar to other Triotech dark ride attractions such as Voyage to the Iron Reef at Knott’s Berry Farm and Canada’s Wonderland.

The land will also feature a number of various building stations and areas to test the reflexes of guests. To me, this will be a very awesome new ride and land for the park. The technology of hand controls sounds like it will be a fantastic new Triotech technology, which will bring incredible new innovation to the amusement industry. I hope this technology works and I hope to see it at other parks, such as the Cedar Fair parks.

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