There are several theme park attractions across the globe that are old, outdated, or just plain awful. In this new series of blog posts we will be addressing the changes we would like to see happen on those rides, or possibly thinking of a complete replacement. Be sure to comment what ride you want us to do next time below or tell us on Facebook/Twitter!

The first ride that I want to showcase here is Anaconda. Anaconda could be the worst roller coaster I’ve ever been on. It truly feels like an Anaconda is biting into your head and trying to crush your skull. It is a “classic” Arrow-Dynamics looping roller coaster that is almost 21 years old. It opened in 1991 at Kings Dominion, but it has lost its flare. It is a terrible and unpopular ride. It wouldn’t make me sad to see this “classic” coaster demolished. After riding Anaconda, I recommend getting a concussion test!
When you think about it, there are several kinds of rides that Kings Dominion lacks. Anaconda has a relatively large footprint for such a terrible ride. Kings Dominion could easily put in a great B&M coaster on Anaconda’s land. They would be lacking a sit down looper if they tear down Anaconda, so that would be a possibility, but I have a different idea. Kings Dominion doesn’t have a flying coaster. If Anaconda were to go, a flying coaster would be an ideal replacement for it, especially because it is on a lake. Wouldn’t it be cool to be flying above a lake? They could even keep the tunnel that Anaconda goes through and put a signature dive loop down through the tunnel. A B&M flying coaster would be a great fit for the park, and the location. Another possibility is to fill in the lake that Anaconda resides on, and put in a new section of the park or expand an older one. They could bring in some more thrilling flat rides and possibly a small roller coaster. Keeping with the roller coaster ideas, another possibility is a WingRider. WingRiders have become very popular and it would be another great fit for the park. Kings Dominion’s Anaconda could be so much better than it currently is, so that is my first Ride Re-Design!
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