Yesterday, Six Flags released more information regarding their international expansion as they revealed more details for their new Dubai park. Six Flags Dubai is one of several projects announced as part of the Six Flags brand’s expansion into international markets. The theme park chain recently announced plans to build parks in China and Vietnam in addition to this Dubai park.

Six Flags Dubai is going to be a part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts theme park complex, where Motiongate Dubai, a Bollywood theme park, and Legoland Dubai are currently under construction.

The park itself is set to open in 2019. When it opens, it will be the first thrill park in the region.

Some of the details the park announced include a large indoor entrance area. Inside, there will be air conditioning, dining and shopping locations, three attractions, and event space. Also a part of the entrance is a large plaza where the park’s main roller coaster attraction will greet guests as they walk into the park.

The park also released some details as to what the 27 rides and attractions within will be. Among them are major roller coasters, tower rides, waterslides, virtual reality experiences, and a 4D dark ride. The park will also feature heavy theming and lights which will dance during the night.

The park will be located near the complex’s Lapita Hotel and Riverland.

Now, let’s analyze the concept art. In my opinion, it is probably going to be the one of the best Six Flags parks if the park is anything like the art we have. It appears that it will contain beautiful landscaping and some nice theming with great rides packed throughout. Not only was the general concept art interesting, but there were some cool details within:

1) Six Flags is Working with Mack Rides


If the concept art is accurate, it appears that Six Flags Dubai will have a Mack Rides Launched Water Coaster. The ride manufacturer built Pulsar, which was the first ever version of this ride, at Walibi Belgium this year. Although I have not heard anything about the attraction yet (I don’t believe it’s open at the time of writing this article), it looks like a fun ride. This ride does not appear that it is a very expensive one, and I could see Six Flags installing them at their other parks in the future. If they do start building these at their other parks, it will be the start of what could be a future relationship between the two companies.

2) The Ferris Wheel may have Rolling Cars


Although it’s not particularly noticeable, the ferris wheel seems to have the type of cars on it which roll as the wheel turns (like the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island and Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Disney California Adventure). You can see the still cars on the sides in a less frequent manner than the typical ferris wheel would have (Roughly every 1/8 of the wheel has one, you can look from the right side and go around the top to get a decent look at this ~ This is a trait of these ferris wheels with rolling cars), and it appears there are round track pieces on the inside of the ferris wheel. Not many of these are standing, so it will be interesting to see whether it is this type of ride! Below are images of a model of this type of ferris wheel and one that highlights where the round track is located on the inside of the ferris wheel (I apologize now for my great photoshop skills in this image).



3) Is that an Intamin ZacSpin?


It appears that the 4D roller coaster in the Six Flags Dubai renderings is a clone of Green Lantern: First Flight at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Okay, I know what you’re thinking (although I probably disagree with you that the ride is bad – It was decent in my opinion). But seriously, it is interesting that Six Flags put the image of an Intamin 4D coaster rather than an S&S 4D Free-Fly in the rendering. After the failure of Green Lantern, they have cooperated with the manufacturer S&S to make two 4D Free Fly coasters (the one which is open was successful). I am not sure if this is filler or if it’s showing the actual ride, but it is something to note for sure.

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Seiko · May 26, 2016 at 8:48 pm

The mack rides thing could be great. Seriously, with things torn down, aging, etc, it would be great for many of their parks to get the launched water coaster, there are really not enough water things at big parks anymore. The zacspin thing is rather odd, though it might be concept art made long before, or it might be the new LSM launch type, who knows. Think it would be really strange regardless, then again overseas there are less regulations and people complain about zacspins far less for some reason. The only thing that annoys me is the obvious RMC in the back when they haven’t even given their own parks in existence the full treatment yet, such as Roar at Six Flags America and one for Six Flags Great Adventure.

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